Why Us

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We were born out of the vision of helping operations through technology not just by developing solutions that make life of our clients easier but also through direct contributions. From our urge to give back to the society we have created our community service goals and objectives. We sponsor the wellbeing of orphans, the education of the underprivileged and the planting of trees. For every 100 hours of code we write for our clients we plant a tree, this is our way of sustaining the environment and fighting global warming.

Our employees take great pride in being involved in improving the community. They volunteer their time and effort to host classes for the underprivileged. This in turn helps raise moral, character and spirit within the team.

A balanced and diverse workforce helps nurture creativity of the team, as a result we have a team of developers from various ethnic background and almost half of them are women.

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With offices in Ontario, British Columbia and Bangladesh, Mighty Egg Technologies has the best of both worlds infusing the quality and standard of North America with cost structure of Bangladesh. This is a software firm that truly never sleeps.

Our internal team structure makes us more comfortable with working with distributed teams. With our fully transparent and flexible business processes we can easily integrate with our clients work process. After accepting any development work, we break the task down into smaller features with time estimates and team member assignment on any of the agreed project management software like JIRA and Trello. The progress can monitored on an hourly or daily basis. We have bi weekly discussions to make sure that the product development is proceeding according to the requirements and there are no surprises for the clients on delivery day.


we have developers in Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh is booming with energetic knowledge hungry youth. More women are studying science at the university level in Bangladesh than in the US, Japan, the UK and other European countries. The large population is complemented by the 137 Universities helping the youth become educated and skilled. The wage gaps ILO Global Wage Report 2018 states that Bangladesh’s gender wage gap lowest in the globe.

The quality of the students reflects on their performance in various programming and mathematical competitions globally.

The Bangladeshi workforce is traditionally renowned for their quick learning abilities. The workforce, especially, has historically strong abilities in mathematical and logical analysis processes.

Also, on average, software firms in Bangladesh charge 40% less for similar services than their counterparts in South Asia and Eastern Europe. We do this while paying our developers fair market salaries because we believe if we make our clients and developers happy today, the returns will be guaranteed in the future.

Our employees here are constantly undertaking courses and training to stay on top of their desired development fields or moving to some new emerging technology that we predict is going to have a bright future.