A complete dealership software, designed for those vehicle traders who wants a smooth purchase journey for their customers. Cut-down half of your sales expenses through our solution. AutoME is a solution for your customers to have a trouble-free mode to check available vehicles based on various filters and contact you for finalizing purchase.
AutoME is an easy-to-use admin panel for you to update your inventory, having a simple integration with carfax and services that offer an approach to apply for financial credit directly through the website.


"They were willing to put care into their work, asking us how we wanted the effort to transpire."

George Karnouskos
Owner, Fair Deal Auto Sales


Offer car within Budget Range

You can offer your visitors to easily select their suitable price range from the website and choose their favorite brand car.

Showcase your Google Reviews & Facebook News feed from Homepage

Customers will be able to choose car by exploring Google Reviews and facebook newsfeed which will be available in homepage.

Variety of Selection for them

AutoME lets your buyers check out your latest selection of cars from the Specials and can select their desirable car from New, Pre-Owned, Used or even Damaged Cars from All Inventory Page.

Offer Secured Finance Application

To get secured loan application, your customers can get the option by fulfilling a form on Get Approved and can easily apply for car loan.

Provide Car Finder Application

If your customer is looking for a particular vehicle, he/ she can check out the Car Finder option and complete the form and your website will inform her when a matching car arrives.

Finance Calculator

You can always help your customers to get their loans and installment calculated through the Finance Calculator on your website.

Check Availability

Our solution can assist your visitors and customers to check the availability of a particular car.

Book a Test Drive

You can offer your customers to book a test drive through online.

Trade Appraisal

If buyers want to trade their vehicle with your company, you can give them the estimate of their vehicles value using our solution AutoME.

What makes us different

Features of AutoME

Besides the regular features of a complete dealership software, the AutoME setup allows clients more control and ownership of their system, data and website. It is simple to use and easy to navigate.

Own your server and IP

With AutoME you can purchase your own server and get your own IP and we can deploy our management software and website on your server. We can also help you get your own server from a list of recommendations from Amazon, Google etc. You can be rest assured that this will give you full control over your IP and domain and there is no overhead on what you pay.

Control your data

Since you own your server you literally own your data. This will allow you to move your data to any place of your choosing at any time you want. You do not have to ask permission and jump through hoops to move to a different server or setup.

Simple and easy to use

The dealership management system is built with the dealers everyday operations in mind. The tools are all laid out where its intuitive and its readjusted on feedback.

Design your own website

Your website is something that you get to design and redesign and we will build it for you how you want it. We do not use a single template and let you make all the customizations you want to make it look and feel exactly the way you want it

No hidden costs

You arrange your server and domains. We do not charge you for any service that you do not explicitly ask for and any costs are agreed before the service is delivered.

Price match guarantee

If you find a software solution that provides all the options we do for a lower price we will reduce the price to match the price you found.*not applicable for promotional price

Third party integrations

Our management system is integrated with third parties that help dealers get ahead. This includes parties like aws, Kijiji, vAutos etc. We are welcome to add any other integrations that our dealers are looking for. We have Facebook marketplace integration in the pipeline as soon as they have a public stable API in place.

Online Marketing

We offer marketing services and packages for our clients which are customized for each business. These include but are not limited to LSO, SEO, advertising and product placements and other optimizations.

Be heard

When you call us, you do not have to speak to a robot or a call center. Our project supervisor will respond right away to any questions or suggestions and we will constantly provide you with updates on any ongoing issues that you may have.



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