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To Contrive the purpose and the objective of the Health and Safety Inspection project to added Health and Safety module on the existing canaPHEM web and mobile application for facilitating complete First Aid readiness complimentary assessment and inspection by the users


canaPHEM is a group of passionate and dedicated firefighters and paramedics who has a number of 500 clients and saved 6 peoples life in 3 years of doing business. Their mission is to create #lifesavingrevolution inspiring everyday people to save lives.

As firefighters and paramedics they witness the aftermath of injury and illness and have dedicated their lives to helping many Canadian communities in their time of need. Seeing the devastation when someone suffers a serious medical emergency,they wish If only everyday people took action and knew what to do; maybe the outcomes would be different. They are working to implement this vision they have.

canaPHEM’s Emergency First Aid Game Plan is a complete system designed to make each individual team confident,competent, and ready to respond in the event of emergency. It includes a full complement of planning, training, equipment, response actions and recovery steps for the organizations who is a part of their assessment.


When we meet canaPHEM team they had a revolutionary idea that could change the way first aid kits and equipment’s were handled. Ontario government has srickt guidelines regarding the inspection of the kits and the equipment, canaPHEM was hoping to make the whole process easy and intuitive to follow. We together with the canaPHEM team decided to start working on the Web application as the first step to do the beta testing and gather customer feedback. Once the beta was done and enough customer feedback was gathered, we developed the Android and iOS mobile application.

After the success of the kit checking system canaPHEM wanted to streamline the Health and Safety checking requirement of the Ontario government following the same principal of efficiency. This time with clear understanding of the system we proposed the flow of the system to be developed and with a few iterations we found out the perfect solution they wanted and developed the complete solution one platform at a time.


Cooperation Model

Due to the scope of the project a milestone billing model was followed

1 x Project Manager
2 x Rails Developer
1 x Android Developer
1 x iOS Developer
1 x Quality Controller

Agile biweekly sprints

Ruby on Rails

2 Years and continuing


One centralized Web application along with iOS and Android Mobile applications developed from the idea of making the First aid kit and equipment checking process more efficient and accurate.

Through several iterations we developed a system that can increase the efficiency and accuracy of Health & Safety check.

Updated Mobile applications made the checking process more effective.

Organizations can easily adhere to government regulations

Keep track of Health and Safety issues easily and have easy access to historical data for decision making.

Lives saved.